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Terms & Conditions

What To Expect

Our events are family friendly. We trust that everyone attending the event will not bring any illegal products, drugs, or weapons. If it is found that you have, we will press charges applicably. You can expect food & beverage vendors at our events also. Food anywhere usually attracts a crowd!  Our pop up shops will have a diverse/variety of vendors at each event.
A standard pop up shop for us will have 30 vendors. There will not be anymore than 2 of each vendor type at a standard event. 
We do host large vendor events also with more than 30 vendors. However, things happen and a specific amount of vendors can never be guaranteed. 


We MAY Provide: 

1 6ft or 8ft Table per vendor 

2 Chairs per vendor

Live DJ

Guest Swag Bags *First come, First Serve 

*Refer to event details to see if we will provide table & chairs. Some events require you to bring your own. 


We do not issue any refunds for any reason, including medical reasons.

We host events frequently and it’s likely that you’ll find one that you will be able to attend. We may transfer your vendor fee to a future event, only if given advance notice within 48hrs of the event. Essentially, transferring your vendor fee is taking up 2 vendor spots (1 the current event you’re unable to attend. 2 the new event you transferred to). There’s no guarantee that a replacement vendor will be found. Therefore, transferring to another event will not be a likely option. 

If you’re granted a transfer twice and do not show up; regardless of advance notice of you not being able to attend, you will lose your vendor fee. 




If transferring to another event medical proof is needed.

 Example: proof of a doctor or hospital visit… Of course, we will not violate your privacy or HIPAA rights and will not request any reasoning/diagnosis of  a medical visit. Medical proof must be dated for anytime during the last 7 days leading to the event you’re requesting a transfer from. 

If you’re not feeling well the day of the event. Medical note should be dated no more than 48hrs after the day of the event. 


We understand emergencies happen at times. We encourage all vendors to have a backup plan in place or have someone who can fill in for you in case of an emergency. 


We encourage any vendors traveling to allow ample time ahead of the event to prepare so that if something happens there’s enough time to resolve the issue or find an alternative solution. 


Absolutely no transfers will take place within 48hrs of an event for any reason besides medical with proof provided. 





It’s vital to return registration so that we may fully understand exactly what you’ll be selling. This is imperative for liability purposes, and so that we don’t have too many of the same vendors at the event. You’ll be emailed registration by 30 days before the event date. You’ll be emailed from nxtbigthingclt@gmail.com. Please check your spam mail also. If you hadn’t heard from us or believe something is wrong, please reach out by the week of the event. If we do not receive registration by the week of the event you’ll forfeit your spot in the event. You’ll be eligible to transfer to another event as long as you reach out to us by 48hrs before the event. Otherwise you’ll forfeit your vendor spot and vendor fee. 


Vendor No Call No Shows (ZERO TOLERANCE) 

Its imperative that all vendors show up to the event. We don’t want event guest to have limited shopping options. It’s also negative reflection on the organization when theres empty vendor spaces. We understand things happen at times, but simply not giving us any notice is complete and utterly unprofessional. 

No call no shows will result in forfeiture of vendor fee and will no longer be able to vend at our events. 

Leaving Early

Packing up your vendor space before the end of the event imposes a hazard to guest. It’s also not a great look from an overall event perspective. It leaves a bad 1st impression to customers who may be just arriving in the last hour. It really starts a negative ripple effect between vendors. 

Plus, you’ve already paid to be at the event. We understand emergencies, and that’s fine to leave early. However, If you feel sales aren’t going great for you versus other vendors, it’s important to understand that pop up shops bring a variety of different target audiences under one roof. Your target customer may walk in the last 15 minutes  of the event, you never know! We want all vendors to have a great experience and return, but that’s impossible if you’re not giving 100%!

Vendor events are for networking, exposure and also sales. Just like within large retail establishments, there could be slow periods; this is not an excuse to leave early. In fact, it’s a more than perfect time to network with other vendors (potential customers/referrals).

Please see our Optimize Your Pop Up Experience video for additional tips. 

Vendors who leave the event before the last 15 mins will acquire a $50 fine. This fine must be paid to be eligible to participate in future events.  Vendors are  required to sign in and out of the event. 



There are no cancellations due to rain. Our events will happen rain or shine. It’s unlikely to be refunded from a venue. Therefore, events will go as planned unless unforeseen circumstances arise. If unforeseen circumstances arise on our end, we will transfer your vendor fee to another event. If the event has to be postponed, you’ll be able to use your vendor fee when business as usual is resumed. It is very typical in the event industry for changes to occur at times. Trust, we will do everything in our power to prevent any changes from occurring!  Again, if you are unable to accommodate event changes you will be issued an electronic gift card to participate in a future event. 

There is no refunds for government shutdowns. We plan to continue to pursue our mission. Even if we have to have multiple smaller events! Lots of our vendors businesses we’re birthed during the pandemic as a way to keep thriving after being laid off, death in the family and etc…. We want to continue to provide that exposure and hope. 
We also have a host of digital services that can be used in place of your vendor fee. When the world goes virtual, we are capable of going virtual too! 

Inclement Weather: In cases of an inclement weather forecast, we will assess the conditions day of the event and determine next steps. Event may be subject to delays instead of cancellation. Vendors and event supporters will be notified at least 1hr before the event starts.  

Photographic & Video Use

 By participating in our events as a vendor or a guest, you agree to photographic and video use. We record our events to create awareness in hopes that more people will continue to attend and support the black-owned small businesses that sign up with us. 



Nxt Big Thing Charlotte LLC is not liable for any accidents, injuries, or vendor mishaps that may occur during an event. By participating in our events you assume all liability for the items you sell, and any accidents/injuries resulting on your behalf. Vendor represents that they will  have their own business general liability or event insurance by the date of the event. 


 Outdoor Events

We try to have most of our events indoors. If we do have an outdoor event a 10 x 10 tent is recommended, but not required. You will need to bring your own tent.  All outdoor tents must be weighted down to decrease the chance of accidents happening. 
Outdoor events will not happen during winter months. 

Event Turnout 

We get our event guest to RSVP in several different ways. We run paid advertisements, send marketing emails, word of mouth, physical flyers and send event reminders. However, We can never guarantee an event turnout.

Vendors Event Promotion Mandate: A HUGE contributor to an event turnout heavily depends on EVERYONE working together to spread the word. Though we do our part in promoting the event in several ways, and also have established a successful platform; it’s required that ALL participating vendors promote the event. If your business has ANY established social media accounts we require that our event flyer is posted at least once, at minimum 1 week before the event…Of course there’s several ways to promote, however this is the only verifiable way. If we cannot verify that you promoted the event and your business has a social media account, you will be fined $25 and ineligible to setup at the event until the fine is paid. 

We encourage all vendors to promote the event to the best of their ability to increase the event turnout. 
Please note, sales depends on several variables and over half of those variables depends on you. We recommend Optimizing Your Pop Up Experience

Direct Sales /Independent Consultant Vendor 

There can only be one consultant per company at an event.

Additional Vendor Terms 

You agree to participate for the duration of the event. You will only sell items from the approved business you submitted in your registration. Only one business per vendor table is allowed, unless you paid a “Split Vendor” fee. All vendor spots must be secured 3-4wks from the event date. Any vendor sign ups after that date will incur a $10+ late fee, that will be automatically included in the vendor pricing at that time. It’s imperative  for us to know in advance how many vendors will be able to participate for adequate event coordination. 

Vendor Fees Standard vendor fees start at $100. We may offer an early bird specials or promotions for enrolling in more than one event. Make sure you’re subscribed for new event notifications! Please note vendor pricing is subject to change at any time for any reason. 

Vendor fees includes (1) 6ft table or 8ft table & (2) chairs provided, space to sell your products/services, man power to setup tables & chairs and break them down, event advertisements, outdoor signage, vendor features on our social media (which is now a hub for black business support), venue cleaning & sanitation by us or venue staff, event decor, guest freebies, creating an experience for shoppers that they’ll want to come back to and etc. It also includes overall time spent coordinating the event, which for us is 2 months or more. 

What Can You Bring? Vendors are able to bring (1) clothing rack OR (1) shelf. It must fit into their service area, no larger than 10 x 10ft space outdoors and 8 x 8ft space indoors.  You may be approved to bring your own table as an extra table to utilize if the event spacing permits it. 

Food vendors must have menu items prepared and ready to serve for indoor events. If any items need to be cooked on demand, you are required to setup outdoors with a generator, propane, charcoal or wood cooking appliances. Also, if your food has a strong odor (example: seafood) you’re going to need to setup outdoors. We wouldn’t want any vendors fabricated products to be permeated. 

Aroma  You may not burn incense, candles or anything of that nature. Some people are very sensitive to smells and we wouldn’t want guest to have to leave the event. 

Alcohol Beverage vendors are required to abide by state regulations for serving. 

Adult Novelty Vendors  Our events are kid-friendly. We do allow adult novelty vendors. However, provocative products cannot be displayed. It’s ok to bring a catalog to show our adult guest and have items stowed away on hand. 


We assume that all vendors participating in our events are authorized businesses in the state of NC or the state that they mainly operate their business in.

Other Requirements 
It’s preferable that business owners be of African descent to participate. Meaning: African, African American, Biracial African and etc…basically (Black-Owned) to participate. This means that at least one owner in the business is black.  At times, if all vendor spots are not filled 2wks before the event date we may allow other non-African business owners to participate. However, our goal is that the majority of vendors are black-owned. Any non-black owned businesses wanting to participate is ineligible to secure vendor spots until 2 weeks before the event.  


We ask that all vendors clean their service area at the end of the event. This includes picking up trash on the floor, wiping up spills, and sweeping their area if necessary. Food & Beverage vendors are required to bring their own small trash can to keep in their area for personal use.  At the end of the event, they are expected to dump their personal trash and take their trash cans with them. 

No Loitering 

We ask that everyone clean their area, remove their belongings, and leave the premises within 30 mins after the event ends. Loitering after an event is prohibited because we have a limited timeframe venue has been booked for. 


There may or may not be access to electricity at the event. We ask that all vendors come prepared and have all devices fully charged. Limited reserved vendor spots by an outlet is available for additional cost. Generators and propane are approved for outdoor vendors only. 


Vendors are able to decorate their service area as they wish. Please do not bring any balloons or anything that will make you look “off” from everyone else. The event coordinator may have special event decorations also, wouldn’t want it to clash. Also anything like balloon columns or a balloon arch will take up space. 


You cannot run extension cords across the floor in prevention of event injuries. If you feel that you need electricity, please reserve a vendor space by an outlet for an additional cost. 


All venues we utilize to host events will have WiFi. The network & password will be emailed in your registration.  If there’s a cost to access Wifi at the venue, you’ll be notified and responsible for it. 


Our events may or may not have free parking available. All parking information is included in the event description. Due to the number of vendors/guest we encourage all vendors to invest a roller cart. Its impossible for everyone to be able to park directly in front of the facility or loading areas.
We expect vendors park towards the back of the lot because it would provide a better customer experience if spaces in front were left open for customers supporting the event. 

Our Digital Products 

All digital products on our website are intellectual property of Nxt Big Thing Charlotte LLC. This includes video, ebooks, downloads and etc.  Sharing, recording, replicating, or soliciting is prohibited for any parties outside of our organization.  

Virtual Pop Ups

You must notify us no less than 48hrs before the event if you're not able to make it. Any notifications less than that will forfeit your fee. We understand things happen unexpectedly at times, however, the virtual sessions were created so that people are able to showcase their items or spread brand awareness wherever they are. We only ask for 10 mins of your time, which translates to 10 mins to invest in your business. Please understand that we have a brand to uphold, and if we're advertising a show, then their MUST BE A SHOW! However, we can't have a show with vendors not showing up. With proper notification of 48hrs you'd be sent an electronic gift card that you'll be able to use on any service or event site wide. 

Also, if we you do not return the requested information, we do not know what website, promotions or anything to display while you're presenting. Based on experience, whenever we don't hear anything from a vendor 9/10 they don't show up. We cannot host a live show not knowing if there's even going to be a show. With that being said, you are also expected to reply to our email that will be sent at least 72hrs before the virtual event. If we don't have your information to prepare for the show, you will not be allowed to participate for the date/time slot you signed up for. 

Our Rights

We reserve the right to refuse service at anytime for any reason. We reserve the right to change policies, terms and conditions at anytime for any reason. We reserve the right to terminate vendor agreements at anytime with or without cause. 


Terms & Conditions Acceptance 

By attending our events, or purchasing on this website; you agree to all terms and conditions.