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Will I be the only one selling "xyz"?

We can never guarantee that you will be the only vendor selling "xyz". Our goal is to help multiple black-owned businesses thrive and to create an opportunity where we can all come together as one community and succeed! Our events have been very successful and have decent turnouts. Trust, there's ample sales opportunities for each vendor. However, making sales is 100% in your control. In a realistic world, there will always be someone who is in the exact same industry as you are. In the mall there may be similar clothing stores right next to each other.  If you have concerns about making sales at  ANY pop up shop please see here.

*In terms of multiple food vendors, we will ensure that each food vendor is serving something different. 

*At a standard size event (Up to 40 Vendors), there is never anymore than 3 of the same vendor types. 


How often do you have pop up shops?

You can expect an event at least once per month.


What time is setup?

Setup times are usually 1hr before the event starts. You will receive information about setup and any other pertinent information regarding the event via email at least 30 days before. 


Do you have a consistent location for the pop up shop?

No, we host pop up shops at different venues/facilities in Charlotte, NC and surrounding areas.  


How many people usually attend your pop up shop?

We do not take a head count of everyone that comes through our events. We start promoting our events at least 2 months or more prior. We utilize several marketing channels and have multiple ways that we send event reminders.  Our events have had decent turnouts and several vendors have left great reviews. You can see our vendor reviews on our Instagram page in the highlights. 


Are there assigned tables?

There's only assigned tables for food & beverage vendors as we want all of them to be in the same area kind of like a food court. Food & Beverage vendors will usually be placed towards the back of the vending area that way it forces guest to walk by and see everyone before getting food. Without a doubt, everyone will find where the food is! 

Other than that, vendor tables are first come first serve. 

In regards to large (40+ Vendors) events, vendors will have assigned tables and required to sign in and out of the event. 

Do you accept alcohol vendors? 

Yes! However, it depends on rather the venue we’re utilizing will allow alcohol sales. Some venues do, and some do not allow alcohol sales. This information is provided in the event description. You must be permitted to sell alcohol. 


Can I bring other guest with me (including children)? 
Yes! However, you’re only provided 2 chairs. 

How much space am I given?

Vendors are given no more than a 6x6ft space indoors and 10x10ft space outdoors. We utilize different venues for events. Each venue layout will be different and exact measurements of vendor spacing is unknown. However, you’ll have enough space to convene with customers and setup your table.  It’s recommended to only bring 1 additional prop for display if needed for an indoor event.