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Results Mini-Quiz

1.) When you view your business as a legacy or investment you know that it takes TIME to grow. Years of promotion, building loyal customers and ect. So, when vending at pop up shops with this mind set you do the following:

-Stay through the end of the event.

-Give 100%

-Do everything within your power to grow your brand


2.) Sometimes it's not what you know, but who you know. You have to know the power of networking and exposure. When vending at pop up shops you'll do the following:

-Network with other vendors

-Collect customer contact information

-Expose your business to everyone at the event, that's the only way to find your target customer. Even if they aren't your target customer, they can refer you to others!


3.) Your success is 100% within your own control!

-For every "No" you keep going until there's a "Yes" to replace it. 

-Sometimes, you may need to go back to the drawing board and take a new approach. Try a new strategy....


4.) It all comes back to if you think of your business as a "quick flip/side hustle" or legacy/investment! If you think of your business as a legacy/investment, you'll appreciate being exposed to 100+ people and  making connections with people who didn't know you exist. That alone is rewarding and can turn into future sales, even if no sales are made day of. 


5.) Of course, you're going to get some people who are automatically drawn to your table! However, everyone won't be. At vendor events you should think of several ways to catch people's attention, be ready to educate them about what you offer,  and build rapport. 


If the answers to ANY of these questions weren't what you thought, we HIGHLY encourage you to Optimize Your Pop Up Shop Experience once you secure your vendor spot. The answers to these questions exudes the mindset of our ideal vendor.