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Vendor Perks Package

Vendor Perks Package

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Enhance your experience with our ✨new ✨ vendor perks! 

  • Get added to our Black Business Directory at the menu button until our next event takes place. The directory is updated bi-monthly after each event. If you signed up for multiple events ahead of time your listing will remain active until after you attend your last event. 
    *Must have a website. 

  • Get priority placement at the event! 
    That’s right! You’d be able to pick your spot and setup earlier than everyone else. 
    *Based upon the placement you paid for indoor/outdoor and early arrival. 

  • We will create event coupons or vouchers that will be given out to every customer at the door which could direct customers to spend money at your booth!  
    Your logo or company name will be on these materials. We will obtain that information from you prior to the event. 
    *Must agree to honor 10% off or $5 shopping voucher for customer. A disclaimer will be on these coupons and vouchers stating that “It is the vendor’s discretion on how the coupons/vouchers may be used in a transaction.” 
    Example: You can set prerequisites where the customer must spend $20 to be able to use the $5 shopper voucher on their transaction. 

  • Add marketing materials to our shopper swag bags. (Flyers, business cards, brochures, samples and etc.) 
  • Live ad at DJ booth!
    Get a chance to demonstrate or promote your products/services, announce sales, announce raffles live at the DJ booth anytime during the event. 

 *Perks are active for 1 event.
Must re-purchase for each event.